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Thesis: Immigration into Canada has made the country the most diversified cultural hub but remain uninterfered with by foreign cultural. Government has not left any stone unturned to level this to a point of general acceptance amongst all. Patriotic measures such as nationalism, coherent national symbols; social and cultural practices used to embrace all as Canadians.

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The Canadian population is a mixed race whom have crossed to its boarders for the last century and made it their permanent resident. Canada initially welcomed these people since it had a great deficit for laborers who were needed to work in the farms in Prairies, forests factories and mines to build the country Schiffer- Graham Many of these immigrants originated from Europe while the rest comprises of economic migrants and people who ran away from their countries facing different crisis.

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  8. Canada continued to allow foreigners without restrictions until the end of Second World War when the public raised concerns over job competition and overstretching of other opportunities by the foreigners Rallies erupted with many sectors including schools, churches, media and social services behind the Canadianization effort.

    As a result, many adopted English or French language and got accustomed in the surrounding social and economic practices.

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    Immigration in Canada took place in phases with regard to various transitions that were happening globally Young In this regard, this paper shall seek to examine how immigration into Canada has made the country the most diversified cultural hub but remain uninterfered with by foreign cultural. Towards the end of the 20th century, a big number migrated from the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and South America. Rural areas, small towns, Quebec and Atlantic Canada hosts the few foreign born population than the rest of Canada while the greatest of the population have dwellings in the fifteen largest towns of Canada.

    Canada has a wide cultural diversity. It accepts multiculturalism and the related social rights in its constitution. According to Jenson and Papillon , the government of Canada has promoted multiculturalism since insisting on cultural diversity in a liberal society Schiffer- Graham This policy is accommodative to anti-racist activities and access to public institutions for individual members of minority groups. This controversy has recently affected Aboriginal peoples seeking recognition, certain privileges and rights not accorded to other Canadian citizens.

    These demands were granted on limited sovereignty over a certain territory creating room for Aboriginals social and cultural developments. The government has so far developed strategies responding to the new ethnic and social reality focusing on institutional change, race relations and citizen integration and participation which costs Canadians an average of a dollar a day Multiculturalism in Canada.