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Some are happy for you to enter your work elsewhere, like the Bristol Prize for example, but many prefer you not to enter your work for consideration elsewhere until they have announced their winners. Personally, I think you should be able to enter stories into as many competitions as you like as you will sometimes be waiting for months to hear about results and it can seriously slow up your publishing rate. However, I can see why competition administrators ask you not to enter your work elsewhere, as it can cause them problems if your work is placed and they select you as a winner.

I'd just use your common sense, but bear in mind that the probability of being placed in more than one competition at once is unlikely, no matter how good your writing is! If you do enter more than one competition at once, I'd just let any other competitions know when your work has been accepted elsewhere so it causes them minimum inconvenience. Bree W Thanks for the reply :- Now to filter through the competitions and pick a couple. Thanks again Anthea C Thank you so much for all the work you have put into your website. So helpful. Do you have any ideas of a competition that I could enter my lower sixth A level English students into?

They have just returned to school after taking their AS levels and I want them to study narratology and am going to get them to write a short story. It would be great if they knew it was being entered for a competition, because then it would make it feel more important to them. Any ideas? Many thanks. Chris Fielden Anthea, you could try one or two of the competitions from the list I have for young writers and children on this page.

Aside from that, maybe one of regular competitions, like Writers' Forum, as you can enter that at anytime during the year. But you'd have to check they don't have an age limit.

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Edmund W Just wanted to say thanks very much for collating all this information - extremely useful to aspiring novelists! Maureen O Thanks so much for this list and for all the effort that you obviously put into it. I may have missed it but I did not see the Glimmer Train Stories. They run different competitions year long. Cheers, Maureen. Palash P Thank you so much, Christopher. It's quite an exhaustive list.

I belong to the Writers' family in India. Of late I felt the hunger to put my thoughts into words and it resulted in immense gratification. I do not know if I have the X factor in me to become a writer and create a niche in someone's heart, but I can try!

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Chris Fielden Welcome, Palash - best of luck with your writing Bill C First time I saw all the comps listed. Very helpful! Mandy T Just wanted to thank you for such an excellent website. I found out about Myslexia and Scribble magazines here and now subscribe to both - waiting to hear back from Scribble re a short story I recently sent them as I write this I've also entered several competitions this year from your extensive listings, and have just found four more I'd like to try my hand at.

Happy writing! Mandy - glad you found this resource so useful. It would be great to hear how you get on with the competitions Marlene P Hi Chris, this is excellent. I write a lot of short stories.

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What you have done here is very helpful. Can you let me know what Writing Course you did? Thanks a lot.

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I found it very comprehensive and did the non-fiction and fiction modules. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Marlene P Thanks Chris I've been reading your stories Emma W Hi Chris, thank you very much for this resource. My question - In your experience do successful short stories usually approximate the maximum word limit? In other words, would a 2, word short story be considered an acceptable entry in a competition with a 5, word limit?

Chris Fielden Hi Emma, in my experience, it doesn't matter how long the story is, it's the quality of the story that counts. For example, I've had 2, word story published through a 5, word limit competition before. The only exception to this is if a contest stipulates a minimum and a maximum, which some magazines do to fit their print requirements.

But if no minimum is stated, you should be fine entering any length of story. Hope that's helpful It can be entered throughout the year and is free.

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Fiction, non published and free. Regards, H. Chris Fielden Hi Helen, to list the comp, I need the details and I can't find any entry rules or anything online. Are you familiar with the rules how to enter, entry dates, prizes offered, dates, word limit, frequency of the comp etc? I'd need all these to list the comp. If you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated Helen M Hi Chris, thanks for reply. It's a noted competition in Ireland. I've added a link. I was sent a link by a friend which is how I ended up entering. Hope this helps and if not please feel free to email me back.

Well done on the comp list you have provided. And thanks very much Helen :- I've contacted www. I'll let you know if they get back to me. Tanya V Hi.

I'm looking for competitions in Canada and only see 2 on your list. CBC Books has a competition underway shortly.

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I wonder if you could look up more from Canada. I'm not very familiar with the Canadian writing market, so if you know of any other short story competitions based in Canada, please let me know and I'll be happy to list them. Thanks, Chris. Thanks for replying. In my experience, most competitions will accept entries from anywhere in the world as long as they are written in English. But it's best to check the rules and submission guidelines for each competition carefully to make sure, as there are some exceptions to this rule.

Iris A This site looks good, but you should have a section for younger writers; I'm 13 and none of these competitions are what I'm looking for. Will H I'm far from the first to say this, but what an excellent site! It's been most helpful to me as I've written a couple of shorts recently and have decided to put them into a few competitions to test the water.