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At the same time, the course will introduce students to a range of contemporary works by new artists and writers who challenge conventional ekphrastic boundaries. Students will learn how to explore paintings and how to approach poems based on those paintings. The method of study will be collaborative, with equal time given to visual and written texts.

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A tentative description of each weekly class follows:. How might we draw on material from the cultural archive to intervene in received narratives about both modernist literature and the early twentieth-century modernist cultures from which it emerged? Auden, Djuna Barnes, T. The central topics of those highly complementary parts of The Faerie Queene are, respectively, love, friendship, and courtesy.

For each text, initial sessions will introduce its literary, socio-political, and intellectual contexts, and effective methods of original primary research.

These discussions will emphasize current issues in Spenser and Milton studies while also providing a toolbox of techniques for devising and supporting original interventions. According to their own particular interests, seminar members will determine their own topics for seminar presentations and hence related discussions, as well as discussion topics in the final period. This format aims to establish a diverse, open, and responsive seminar.

That extraordinary breadth of address in the Sonnets themselves will enable members of the seminar to develop their individual research projects, which will in turn contribute to the shared understanding of how the Sonnets have become formative new ways of performing the world. Both books available at Paragraph Books.

ENGL 503 Eighteenth-Century Literature

Other texts will be provided in electronic form. But from the beginning of the century, realistic novels used parodic elements to heighten, not undermine, their representational authority. Many of the novels we will read, furthermore, comment on the practice of writing novels and the stakes involved in various realisms. Austen wrote drafts of her first three novels — Sense and Sensibility , Pride and Prejudice , and Northanger Abbey — in the late s, and they respond, often satirically, to Richardsonian, sentimental, and Gothic fiction.

Numerous critics have focused on Austen in her eighteenth-century context; this course will focus, instead, on Austen in her later years. This course is concerned with representative plays by both established playwrights and the new generation of young dramatists in the United Kingdom. Our particular focus will be the representation of cultural and ethnic diversity in post-Imperial England.

We will consider a variety of different dramatic responses to the transformations of British identity in the face of various significant historical events.

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Bush Jr. Our concern will be to understand film ecologies socially, which means in terms of their principles of association, of how human and nonhuman members come into relationship. In short, the premise of this class is that film inevitably is social theory whether implicit or explicit , and the procedure of this class will be to put film and film theory in conversation with other social theory, including Critical Space Theory, Ecofeminism, Animal Studies, and Actor-Network Theory.

The focus of the seminar is on experimental novels, poetry collections, and films that challenge conventional understandings of autobiography and portraiture. We examine these texts in order to explore the ways in which the boundaries between subject and object, and self and other collapse in poetic investigations of the thoroughly relational nature of subjectivity. In response to these texts, students will be asked to experiment with multimedia formats to create their own experimental portraits and self-portraits.

While artistic background or demonstrable talent is not required for admission into the course, a desire to experiment with both literary and cinematic form is both necessary and highly encouraged. Enter your keywords. Section menu. Note on graduate course numbers and levels: Please note that each course carries, along with the ENGL which identifies it as an English Department course, a three digit number, the first digit of which describes the general level of the course, as follows: 5 - MA students and U3 undergraduates usually Honours BAs ; 6 - MA and PhD students only; 7 - MA and PhD students only.

Note on registration in level courses: level courses are restricted to an enrollment of 15 students and are open to Master's and advanced undergraduate students. Alternately, 2 I will grade you on all components listed under Option 1 but also on a formally presented essay version of your remarks pp. This essay, revised, may then be incorporated into your major research paper see below.

Option 2 is the better choice for those who would like guidance on their scholarly writing prior to the submission of the research paper. This paper may 1 extend and enrich the ideas of your seminar presentation and incorporate its content in revised form; the recycled material must show clear evidence of response to critiques received from instructor and peers; or 2 may take up an entirely new topic, including a topic on a different writer; in this case, the new essay topic must be cleared with the instructor in advance.

NB: consistent and informed participation in scholarly discussion is not optional in the academic profession and so cannot be in this course, which has among its obligations the task of preparing potential apprentices for that profession.

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Mere attendance is not relevant to your participation grade; absences will be noted, but full attendance is presumed. Canadian Poetry to Four of the following novels will be assigned: Buckler, Ernest. The Mountain and the Valley.

Cohen, Leonard. Beautiful Losers. Grove, Frederick Philip. The Master of the Mill. Klein, A. The Second Scroll. Laurence, Margaret. The Stone Angel. Richler, Mordecai. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Smart, Elizabeth.

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Watson, Sheila. The Double Hook. Wilson, Ethel. The Equations of Love. Swamp Angel. Maximum Enrolment: 15 students. Green, Warner Bros. Evaluation: Participation; seminar presentation; final research paper.

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Evaluation: Essay; seminar presentation; final paper. It will therefore be relevant to students with interests in: the eighteenth century, Shakespeare and the early modern period, drama and theatre studies, celebrity culture, reception studies, memorialisation, iconicity. Texts provisional : The texts studied will be supplied in a course pack available for purchase from the McGill University Bookstore.

Strangelove , Dir. John Frankenheimer The Hero , Dir. A tentative description of each weekly class follows: Desiring ekphrasis: Introduction to ekphrastic models, with poems by Robert Browning and John Keats that imagine non-existent paintings. What is the nature of ekphrastic desire? How does the fluidity of water find its way into poetic form?

With poems by X. On Ice. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood often depicted women and experimented with new forms of expressing passion and sensation. How do they challenge the established artistic systems of authority? How do they depict femininity? Dreams and a kiss: For every painting this week, there are two poems. How does the poetic dialogue between these poems allow us to experience Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau, Gustav Klimt, and their works?

Scandalous bodies: An exploration of sexual taboos rape, incest, exhibitionism in the paintings of Balthus and the poetry of Stephen Dobyns, who is often obsessed with Balthus. Auden, and e. How do these ekphrastic conversations alter our perception of conflict and open a dialogue about war, with its expectations and inevitable casualties? Who do you think you are? Can paintings and poems modify our conception of identity? How do poets grapple with controversial images?

What does the shift from painting to photo entail? Evaluation: Short papers; class presentation; class participation.

Colin Burrow Castle Rackrent Austen, Jane. Northanger Abbey Thackeray, W. Vanity Fair Trollope, Anthony. Can You Forgive Her? A Struggle for Fame Gissing, George. Texts: Emma , ed. George Justice, Norton Mansfield Park , ed.