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Is it with an English-speaking company? We can give you better comments if we understand these things. Best wishes, Clive. Thanks Clive!

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Thanks All! Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation? Hi again, Reading a text like this in an interview is never done , here in Canada.

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Are you sure that this will be considered normal in China? Are you sure they will give you an opportunity to read it? I would think they would just ask you to speak without notes, since as an employee you will have to talk without notes in many situations. Anyway, I have suggested a number of changes, so please read carefully. Best wishes, Clive Thank you very much for reading my application and I am much honored to introduce myself here.


I have a bachelor degree with a major in the Electronics field. During tmy 4 years of undergraduate study, my academic results were always distinguished. I was granted a scholarship every semester.

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In , I was privileged to enter the graduate program, and the admission test was waived for me. In the last?

  1. 7+ Self Introduction Speech Examples for Free Download – PDF;
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I have applied another patent for what? I won a scholarship in Besides, I participated in many school activities, which widened my horizons and gave me many opportunities to do practical work with various companies. All of this was very useful for my major study. I have learned the values of teamwork and commitment, how to win, how to work hard, how to concentrate and focus on goals, and how to balance my time and priorities.

You may want to use this time to get out your pen and paper for notes, take a drink of water and a couple of deep breaths to relax your body. When your interviewer enters the room, greet them confidently by standing up, extending your hand to shake theirs, stating your name and smiling. Something like,. If they begin the conversation, let them take the lead. Keep it concise and focused on why your background makes you the best fit for this job opportunity.

Being prepared ahead of time can help calm your nerves, so do some research on the company and, if possible, your interviewers. This will help guide the rest of the conversation, set you up to answer questions intelligently and ask solid, informed questions of your own. Take a look at our Complete Guide to Researching a Company to get started. You can refer to these notes to ask any questions at the end of the interview and can reference them when you follow-up after the interview to show them you were attentive and valued your time with them.

The interviewer wants to hire someone who is qualified for the role, but also someone who they genuinely want to work with and will be a good culture fit at the company. Remember to breathe and take the conversation one step at a time. No introduction is complete without a goodbye.

After your interview has ended, follow the lead of your interviewer: stand when they stand, shake their hand again and thank them for their time with a smile.

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You can prepare to say a few phrases that will end the conversation on a positive note, like,. If you have multiple rounds of interviews, be prepared to stand and greet your next interviewer, repeating the steps above. Here are a few additional items consider including your appearance and mindset that can set you up for a successful introduction beforehand.

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Appearance plays an important role when meeting someone new. For example, a financial consultant interview will likely require more formal dress than that of a tech startup. Erring on the side of professional is safe. Here are a few tips:. For example, if you are a new graduate you can reference your academic achievements , athletic endeavors, charity and volunteer work. If you had to work in any kind of group for any activity you can use these experiences as an example. Through your research of the company you will discover what the Qualities are that they put a lot of value in.

It could be leadership , it could be collaboration , or it could be literally any other Quality you come across. The point is, once you discover what that Quality is, it will determine the Success Story that you pull from your past to help support it. So whether it is from your last job, or a previous job, or not from a work scenario at all as stated above; your academics, your athletics, etc. Ultimately your goal with how you answer this question is to get the interviewer to see you not as a potential candidate…but as a future employee.

An interview is really just a long sales pitch. People who talk only about themselves are boring. Ok the next thing you should do is Download our PDF Answer "Cheat Sheet" that gives you "word for word" example answers to this dreaded question. In it you'll find answers to fit a variety of scenarios including: if you just graduated , have no experience and more!

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By Jeff Gillis Talking about yourself should be the easiest thing to do. Why are they asking this? What are they looking for in my answer? What is the best strategy for giving them what they want? But then transition into your success story by saying something like "But the best way to emphasize who I am and what I'm about is reflected in this story Q: "Tell Me About Yourself A: Well. Search The Blog Search for:.