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Apple never seemed to experience intense competition since it had strong market power and had the ability to introduce new products. Its strategies to beat the markets severely stretched its budgets that amounted to further losses. NeXT Computer introduced after Macintosh proved costly and did not yield the company any profits. For this case, Apple should incorporate through market analysis to avoid sipping in market shares. Hewlett-Packard Development Company, Overcoming the no.

Levitan, B. Improving customer loyalty through proactive communication. Consumer Interaction Solution.

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Mank, D. Management of Society Proceeding , 20, pp. Human Communication Research , 6, pp. Prasaad, S.

Establishing successful customer relationships through effective communication: An Indian perspective. Marketing and Management Communication , 64, pp. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

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If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Updated: July 23, Executive Summary Since Apple was established in mid s, its popularity has become immense especially in computer technology industry.

Apple Business Strategy: a brief overview

Legal Apple Inc. Environmental Apple production process is harmless to the environment. Moreover, the company supports the environmental initiatives in all the countries it operates in. Strengths Weaknesses Products offered by Apple Inc.

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Check the price of your paper. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy OK. Apple Inc. Apple production process is harmless to the environment. The iPhone 5 was released last year, and the hype for it was huge.

Mostly from Apple, which has always been good at whipping up a frenzy around their products. When news of the iPhone hit consumers, it was through a hosted event where bloggers, online influencers and media sources were invited by the company to attend. Everyone knew what was coming. Already, rumors of the iPhone 6 are starting to circulate.

This article looks at how Apple has handled hype in the past, and is a great read to see what to expect with the new release somewhere on the horizon. This is part of a 50 case study in marketing by Ad Age. It looks at the iPhone 3G in particular, which is still a popular model being used by many iPhone users who chose to stick with it rather than buy the latest release.

But it is actually a great magazine subscription to have if you are interested in marketing and advertising. This is probably the most thorough article I have ever read on the topic of talent management and Apple. It is a four part series, which looks at the history and policy of the company.

Giving it an interesting perspective that is a must-read. More interested in the way they have managed to establish and grow their brand?

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This is one element to Apple that has always been fascinating to me. Not because they have been so successful, but because they had already been well branded before. They actually managed to rebrand their image into something completely new, and this article explores that fact. It also looks at brand loyalty, which is one important part of the Apple success story.

5 Great Articles on Apple Marketing

People who love Apple really love Apple, and that was always the case to a point. The PC vs Mac debate has raged on for decades, and now it has expanded under the wider banner of their mobile devices. These five articles explore that campaign in depth, and look at the wider policy and plans of one of the most powerful companies in the world. External analysis of Apple Inc As accreted by a cite named marketing minds Political. The factor of global economic crisis is a universal problem being faced by every company; the general raise in inflation rate triggers the unemployment rate to rise also.

Furthermore, the issue of currency fluctuations is another critical economic factor that can easily affect the financial stability of the company, which is why Apple Inc uses the Value-at-ricks model to closely monitor this factor. Apple cantered their designs in line with global needs, in terms of cloud computing and music facilities icloud and itunes respectively. As the modern world is becoming more electronically Apple products are becoming more accepted and socially recognise. As we are moving deep into technological age, Apple Inc is investing heavily on technological research and development on new technological innovations which is why today the company as being regarded as the ultimate leading innovation company.

This competitive advantage gives the company a strong stand among its competitors. Relationship between corporate and marketing strategy According to M. Therefore, marketing strategy is a sequential process that involve producing the right product, at the right place, with the right price and promoting the product suing the right channels. The top executives are expected to pay more attention to marketing departments so as to see how to integrate corporate strategies with the marketing strategy.

This is the only way for the organization to maintain it balance, if any of it corporate strategy could not align with the marketing strategy the organization has a high tendency to tumble on implementation of that strategy. In the year , Apple was voted to be the number one marketer by CMO award of marketing excellence and for the proceeding years Apple maintain its position of being the best marketer.

Looking back at when the company was incorporated one of it investor with the name Mike Markkula created a three point marketing philosophy, amazingly 35years letter the company still manage to use it and gain strong marketing position and customer loyalty. The three-point philosophy includes. They company believe that even if they have the best quality product with the most amazing and useful features but if it is presented in a slipshod way, customers will perceived it as slipshod.

Marketing in Apple Inc. As asserted by a cite switchtomac , the company Apple Inc. The company uses all majors to know what exactly its customers want and how to get them excited with its products and services. The company also engage in in-your-face campaigns, which in a way have shown Intel-based laptops on fire and getting crushed steamrollers.

Apple brand strategy / positioning case study

The company also use a unique logo positioning style where the logo light comes up when you open the laptop and positioned at the back. This is so because the company believe the logo is not for the existing customer but rather for the anticipated customer, a person who is in the market for one.

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  6. By given such avenue a customer enjoy great brand experience and also allow customers to have brand trust. Conclusion This paper is centred on Apple marketing strategy, the study helped in highlighting more about positioning, branding, segmentation and marketing mix strategies. However, the internal and eternal analysis where done to recognize opportunities and threats as well as the strengths and weakness the company is may be facing.

    Recommendations The company should provide high value for the products being offered to customers since customers have this perception of the products having a premium quality in the electronic industry. Therefore the company should distinguish its products from its competitors so as to maintain it premium pricing and quality. The company should increase promotional programs, this never seems to damage any firm but on the contrary it proves to be significantly beneficial.

    Therefore, Apple should conduct more promotion to attract potential customers and boots customer traffic and sales. This can be achieved by using TV commercials to educate existing and potential customers about its new products and services, meanwhile showing how appealing it is. The company should constantly make new innovations in their product designs, specifications and features so as to dominate the market and distinguish their products and services form competitive brand because technology market is highly competitive and the issue of clone is very common, a competitor can easily clone your product and sale.

    This is why it is of high significant for the company to constantly invest in new innovations, features and designs.