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Rafaela Dancygier , Princeton University, Dept. Her research focuses on the domestic consequences of international immigration, the political incorporation of immigrants, the relationship between ethnic diversity and redistribution and the determinants of ethnic conflict. She is currently working on a book which explores how immigration regimes and welfare states interact with local political economies to explain the incidence of immigrant conflict at the subnational level in Western Europe.

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Her research interests include questions of race, religion and secularism in the French Mediterranean of the 19th and 20th centuries. She is preparing a manuscript entitled "Becoming Secular?

Making Islam French, ," which examines the creation of "French Islam" in the metropole before and after decolonization and is currently working on an article comparing the built environments of metropolitan Islam in Britain and France during the interwar years. From till , he was an adviser at the European Commission in the DG Home Affairs in charge of drafting proposals for directive on immigration.

In and , he advised the I. After having extensively published on issues of constitutional and administrative law as Head of the Centre for Public Law in ULB till , his several books and articles now focus on Immigration and Asylum Law with a special emphasis on its EU dimension. Her work centers around the idea of democracy and translation in transnational social movements, immigrants' rights organizations and multilingual deliberative forums in Europe, the US and in South Africa. Her research interests include translation, cultural diversity and deliberative democracy, transnational memory, visual and discursive representations of immigration, gender and inequality.

He studied sociology and philosophy in Groningen the Netherlands and Paris France. He was the head of a social science research institute in Utrecht the Verwey-Jonker Institute and professor of Community Development at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. His work deals with various themes such as multiculturalism, social cohesion, social movements and social policy. Giugni, H. Kriesi and R. Adam and A.

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Krouwel , and Policy, People, and the New Professional. Knijn and M. Her work focuses broadly on the relationship between classification processes, diversity and social inequality, i. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. She is interested in immigration issues and how they relate to politics and culture in Europe and North America.

She is the author of two books on culture and immigration in French and published articles in English in the Journal of Modern European History and Diversities. Her current projects include a a study of colonial subjects in the metropole and the various processes of categorization by the administration in the 50s, and a qualitative survey on the politisation of discriminations in France. University of Cambridge, M.

Former Thesis Topics

His research interests include migration and education, European integration and globalization, citizenship and identity politics, multiculturalism and social cohesion, ethnicity and racism, curriculum and policy developments, and comparative case study methodologies. He is currently supervising PhDs on return migration of Argentineans to Europe, Chinese migrants in Ireland, workplace equality and diversity management, and pre-schoolers construction of social selves and social organisation.

Author of two books, articles and sections in books on immigration, multiculturalism, racism and the anthropology of law. Lecturer in Italy on these topics since courses for graduate students, masters, and training of governmental officers. Her recent work focuses on the comparative study of immigration, especially comparing immigrant minorities in the United States and Europe. Freeman specializes in the politics of immigration, comparative social policy, and politics in western democracies. Andrew Geddes , University of Sheffield, Political Science Andrew Geddes is interested in comparative immigration politics and policy-making with a European and cross-regional focus.

Current projects include work on migration and environmental change for the UK Government Scientific Office 'Foresight' team. His research examines a variety of topics in political science — including political participation, migration and integration policy, citizenship, Muslim politics and identity politics. His previous research focused on alienated and participatory political behavior in Western democracies, using case studies of Western Muslim communities. Terri E. Her academic interests include radical right parties, immigration politics, and immigrant integration in Europe.

She has also edited the book Immigration Policy and Security: U. She is currently working on a book on antidiscrimination policy and the politics of immigration in Europe. Wallace Goodman is a Ph. Matthew J. His research focuses primarily on right-wing extremism especially active participation in extreme right groups and parties , intergroup relations and research methods.

This research has appeared in a number of journal articles and edited volumes.

Thesis on Immigration

His research covers both German politics and immigration and citizenship in Germany and Europe. She has worked in several European research projects related to issues of multiple discrimination and intersectionality; migrants' social exclusion in the labour market and the role of trade unions; cultural diversity management in organisational structures; immigration and integration policy-making; and the effects of social inequalities on young people and social innovation.

Her dissertation is focused on ethnic entrepreneurship, particularly on the Pakistani businesses in the city of Barcelona, following on the MA Thesis which received an award in the Tender of Young Sociologists by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans in She counts with several publications related to the phenomenon of immigration.

He is currently Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. Her main interests still lie in the comparative politics of immigration, citizenship and ethnicity. She is a recipient of the Descartes-Huygens prize whose tenure she spent at the university of Nijmegen. She was also awarded the European Union Studies Association best paper prize. She is the author of Les politiques d'immigration en Europe l'Harmattan, Her current research focuses on the Europeanization of migration, asylum and anti-discrimination policies.

She manages the migres. Her book "Foreigners, Minorities and Integration: The Muslim Immigrant Experience in Britain and Germany", Manchester University Press, examines the impact that Britain's relatively liberal immigration policy and Germany's rigid guest-worker rotation phenomenon have had on the long-term integration of Muslim immigrants at a local level. It looks specifically at the sectors of employment, housing and education, offers a re-assessment of the term "integration" and questions the notion that Islam has played an overwhelming role in ethnic minorities' experiences.

Her other research interests include European city-level migration and integration policies, migration and religion, and Islam in Europe in historical perspective. I am the author of Citizenship and Belonging: Immigration and the Politics of Demographic Governance in Postwar Britain Palgrave and I am currently working on a book on immigration and liberal democracy to be published with Polity. His research interests include citizenship and immigration, particularly the relationship of the latter to secularism and welfare policy.

Weil, Berghahn, , Immigration and Asylum from to the Present [w. She is interested in modes of immigrant incorporation, in the processes of policy evolution, and in the ways that states adapt to pressures of globalisation in regulating their borders and conditions for membership. Her current projects include a historical analysis of French integration institutions and a study of US state capacities in controlling and regulating immigration since She is currently working on the institutionalization and securitization of immigration policy within the European Union.

Marc M. His research has addressed a variety of topics related to democracy and democratization, including civil society, citizenship, hybrid regimes, right-wing extremism, and public opinion. Thomas Huddleston , Migration Policy Group, Comparative Politics Thomas Huddleston is interested in immigrant integration, family reunification, citizenship, and political participation in European and traditional countries of immigration. He is a policy analyst with the Migration Policy Group where he coordinates comparative research on national integration policies and EU standards.

He co-authored the and editions of the Migrant Integration Policy Index www. They include impact assessments on the future of family reunion and immigrant political participation in Europe as well as Promoting citizenship: the choices for immigrants, advocates, and European cooperation and EU support for integration: What about beneficiaries of international protection? Her research interests include European politics as it relates to immigration issues. In addition, she is interested in the electoral fortunes of niche parties, like those focused on issues of immigration and the environment, at local, national and EU levels as well as their impact on policy.

She is currently writing her dissertation on this topic. Patrick R. Ireland was trained in comparative politics, modern languages, and public health. His single-authored books, The Policy Challenge of Ethnic Diversity Harvard University Press, and Becoming Europe University of Pittsburgh Press, , deal with the political and social aspects of immigrant integration in a range of European countries. He has written a number of journal articles and book chapters on those topics, as well as on migration and ethnicity in the U. His previous research on the radical right in France and Europe has appeared in journals such as Electoral Studies, the International Journal of Forecasting, French Politics or Political Research Quarterly forthcoming.

His current projects include a study of the impact of right-wing populism on West European party systems, and the analysis of the influence exerted by parties of the radical right on the making of immigration policies. He joined the law school in October He graduated from Maastricht law school with distinction LL. During his studies in Maastricht he worked as assistant for Prof.

Lisa Waddington. He received a Ph. He published widely on immigration, citizenship, ethnicity, and related issues.

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  6. He is currently writing a book on citizenship and immigration, also for Polity Press. She is also working as a freelance journalist. Her interests include migration, political and media discourse analysis, and European Studies.

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    Currently, her research focuses on the securitisation of migration in Greece and the Mediterranean region. Professionally, she has worked in the media, finance and IT sectors around Europe, and this has afforded her experience in communications, PR, marketing and conference organisation. Brian Edward Karlsson , George Washington University, Political Science I am generally interested in why political discourse over immigration and integration takes on different characteristics across Europe and why immigration restrictionism is a relatively mainstream issue in some countries and among certain parties of the right but not others.

    My dissertation seeks to answer this question by exploring how domestic debates over the Nazi past have impacted immigration and integration discourse in the German-speaking countries of Europe. I am particularly interested in demonstrating how the norms created in the debates over the past and the various memory frames adopted by mainstream political actors have spill-over effects into other political issues that narrow the discursive space for restrictionist immigration policies and privilege certain immigration actors and policy positions over others.

    He has recently defended his dissertation, which analyzes Islamophobia in Western countries. His primary areas of interest include multiculturalism, identity politics, and intergroup relations - with a special focus on Islam and the West. In , she received the Carnegie Scholar's Award. Her next book is about the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed and the protests against their publication forthcoming Yale University Press. Other current research projects include a study of recruitment to Jihadi terrorism in Europe and the United States and the politics of the integration of Islam in Europe.

    She holds a Ph. His current research focuses on the politics of immigrant social rights in Western welfare states, with a specific focus on Canada, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Ahmet T. He analyzes the impact of struggling passive and assertive interpretations of secularism on state policies toward Muslims and Christians in France, Turkey, and the United States.