Vietnam war coursework

Now one scholar-in-residence at American University is using the city's food culture to teach her students about global affairs via a course on "gastrodiplomacy" — using food as a tool to foster cultural understanding among countries.

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While the concept of gastrodiplomacy has been gaining traction among governments in recent years former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched a "chef ambassador" corps a couple of years ago , the class is the first of its kind at a school of international relations, says , a policy expert on international conflict who teaches the new course. Already halfway through its first run, the course immerses students in the study of war and conflict prior to Sept. Students also get a taste of how food affected those conflicts.

Perhaps the best part of her class? The field trips to local ethnic restaurants, where students get to enjoy a traditional meal and hear the owners speak about the history of their culture.

The Vietnam War

During a recent trip to in Georgetown, students learned about the influences Italians had on Ethiopian cuisine when they colonized the country in the s. Read the rest of the article here. After that the family pooled their money so 40 of them could leave Vietnam to avoid further persecution at the hands of the North Vietnamese.

The Do family were not alone. Two million people sought to escape South Vietnam after the communist victory. Over ten years from , 94, refugees from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam settled in Australia.

Many experienced the same traumatic journey as the Do family. The Definition of a Refugee International legal protection of refugees centres on a person meeting the criteria for refugee status as laid down in the Refugee Convention. What tense is this passage?

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Past, present, or future? What is the narrative voice? First person, second person, third person, third person limited? How old do you think Anh is during this recollection?

History Coursework Proposal A2 Level by Emma McMahon on Prezi

Anh places us, his readers, in a privileged position, a god-like or omniscient position. What do we learn about the relationship between Anh and his father?

50 Insane Facts About Vietnam War You Didn't Know

Why do you think he choose this incident to start his memoir? What revelation does Anh have at the end of the Prologue? How does this make us want to read more? Chapter One: After the Fall 8.

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The year is and the Vietnam War has just ended. A crowd of people wait at the end of Phu Street, where the train tracks curve sharply around a bend. Does this method of storytelling engage you? Explain your response.

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Give three examples, mentioned since the beginning of the book, that highlight the desperate situation in South Vietnam in Explain the Vietnam custom of giving numbers to children for nicknames? What qualities did he demonstrate? Describe the boat aboard which Anh and his family escaped.

Describe two trials that the escapees overcame. Attacked by two groups of privates, outline three horrific events the escapees endured. How were they saved? In Chapter Three, after the traumatic events of coming to Australia, the great humour of Anh enters his reminiscences. Identify one humorous line in the first two pages of Chapter Three.

How does this change in tone keep the audience interested in his memoirs? Anh mentions a phrase his parents often spoke when they arrived in Australia. What was it?

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  8. What are three reasons for them to have said it? Was it difficult for her to help them? What effect did her actions have on the Do family? Bloomberg - Investment Banking Cheatsheet Jul 29, Similar documents. Idaho Criminal Law - Revised March Homeless Action Plan to Grade 11 TOK Presentation 1